Dodge. Dip. Duck. Dive. Win Cash!

A Veterans day dodgeball tournament!

10% of Profits will benefit local veteran organizations.

Early Bird Special - first 8 teams to sign up will receive $5 off

Tournament will be NOvember 9, 2019 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM at the Frostburg Armory.  This is an adult tournament - all players must be 18 and older. Each team has a minimum of 6 players and maximum of 10 and can be Co-ed.  Entrance fee for each team is $60. The tournament is double Elimination, meaning each team is guaranteed at least two (2) games.  Cash prizes for first ($180), Second ($120), Third ($60) Places.  First 16 teams to sign up and pay will secure their slots for the tournament.  Your place in Tournament is not secured until payment is Cleared. 

If you don't have enough people to fill a team or you are a single player looking for a team, Please email us at  We will put together free agents into one team or see if we can get you onto another team.

Each team must designate a team captain responsible for correspondence with JTF.  Prize money will be paid the night of tournament. Each player will be required to complete a waiver form prior to competing in the first game of the tournament.  Tournament order will be determined by a blind draw.  All rules for the tournament will be emailed to each team captain prior to play.  JTF will only collect one payment for each team (no payments from individual players).  Payment can be made here on the website using credit card or Apple Pay, or by mailing check or money order made payable to Joint Training Facility at 2053 Frostburg Rd, Frostburg, MD 21532.  Payment is not considered final until check, credit card payment, or money order clears.  A $25 returned check fee will be assessed for checks with insufficient funds.  


Keep it Clean! If it is offensive, you will be asked to change it. JTF will be the judge of offensiveness.
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Team Captain's Name
List the First and Last Names of All Members of the Team. Each team must have at least 6, no more than 10. Teams can be co-ed. All players must be 18 and over.
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