JTF Employment

JTF is building our pool of Referees for the upcoming season. JTF offers an excellent opportunity for a second job with the flexibility to work when YOU are available. If you like to meet new people, teach people to overcome doubts, and inspire people to be active.


Benefits of JTF employment

· JTF employees receive Maryland Minimum Wage

· Full training on activities, set up, and tear down – Plus the ability to play during down time or when extra participants are needed

· JTF will provide transportation to employees for out of area events

· JTF can provide transportation to in-area events on an as-needed basis

· Great second job with flexibility to work events and/or hours that meet your availability

· JTF provides a 10% finder’s fee to employees who help book events (10% of the total fee of the booked event)

· JTF provides all necessary equipment and shirts

Referee Responsibilities

· Assist in set up at events which includes lifting up to 50lbs, pushing and/or pulling heavy carts and equipment, bending and stooping

· Monitor and supervise JTF activities during events including enforcing rules and safe conditions

· Assist and teach participants use of equipment and rules of games

· Accompany participants around JTF activity area to ensure a quality customer experience

· Assist with clean up after JTF event which includes lifting, bending, and carrying equipment, as well as, proper storage in JTF trailer

relay games.jpg


POsition Requirements

· Ability to frequently lift up to 50lbs, bend and stoop frequently, push and pull carts on uneven terrain, stand and/or walk long periods of time, and work in extreme temperatures or weather conditions

· Ability to speak and interact with customers of all ages in a courteous and enthusiastic manner

· Ability to teach basic skills required to participate in JTF activities to participants of all ages

Do you want to join the JTF team?

If you believe you are the right fit for the JTF Team, please download and fill out the attached application, here. Return it to jointtrainingfacility@gmail.com or mail to address on the application.

If you have questions, you can email jointtrainingfacility@gmail.com or call 240-284-4000.